Stanliner PDR Tools

SNAKE 2 SET 39" 1/2

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  • Snake Straight & Snake Raised are included (39 inches, 1/2 diameter)
  • Super strong, versatile tools
  • Extra sharp specialty design tip
  • Can move a large amount of metal cleanly
  • Various pushing points
  • Extremely effective for hail damage, creases, door panels, fenders, sharp dents
  • Effective on steel and aluminum
  • Requires way less pushing power 

      Stanliner Snake Tools are super versatile. Works perfectly pushing with the top or with the side of the tip as well! Can be used with conventional and Stanliner advanced PDR  techniques, such as:             

  • Pushing
  • Blending
  • Twisting
  • Dragging

      Please check the EDUCATION CORNER for suggestions on WHERE/HOW to use these tools

     Handcrafted from the highest quality stainless steel